About Aoc

The academy was officially founded in London, UK March, 2006 as a scientific institute that is specialized in studying and researching the sciences of social, cultural, and political transformations especially in Arabic and Islamic region.

Although established in London, its focus has been the geopolitics of the heart of the world, which happens to be the Middle East and its adjacent countries.

This gave the AOC its unique feature of being one of the earliest scientific research establishments in the West with deep roots at the East that tackles the concepts of “social transformation” and “political change” through a set of independent or overlapping research programs. AOC has been a success in its activities so that it is expanding and recently established its first branch in the Middle East in Qatar in 2009 (Its activity was frozen in June 2010, and then was closed in June 2012). Then it estaplished its Vienna, Austria branch in 2010.

The Academy has been striving to deliver the following aims

1-To study and research key areas that would lead to the development of change in the Middle East.

2-To spread the culture, and strategic value systems of the civilized transformation of societies.

3-To reshape the minds and enable them to manage the change.

4-To train leaders and organizations to initiate and maintain the transformation in the society.

5-To offer consultations to GO and NGO in the societies undergoing the transformation process.

6-To offer strategic monitoring of the process of change according to scientific criteria.